Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two Solid Weeks of Training; in Preperation for Empire State Building RunUp

It has been 2 weeks now since Ive really been turning it on training wise in getting ready or ESBRU race on Feb 8th in NYC.  The ESBRU (Empire State Building Run Up) is considered the "SuperBowl" of stair climbing races in the world, just for the fact that it has the best athletes in the stair climbing world come to race.  Here lately I have really been turning it up a notch, incorporating 2-a-days as well.  Here is a glimps of what Ive done on a day to day basis the past two weeks.  Check it out...

Tuesday:  4.6 mile run
Wednesday:  20 mile bike interval sprints
Thursday: 3.25 mile run
Friday:  20 mile bike interval sprints
Saturday:  1 mile run, Jacobs Ladder Workout (717 ft. in 5 minutes); 4min. leg press tabata workout
Sunday:  10 mile bike, 4min. tabata bike wokout

Monday:  5 mile run
Tuesday:  2 mile run, 3 x 32 floors, 1 x 5floor sprints, plyos abs
Wednesday:  15 mile spin class
Thursday:  3 mile tempo run, 6:15 mile pace
Friday:  1.5 mile run, 3 x 5min row machine, leg press tabata, lifting abs
Saturday:  10 mile tabata bike workout
Sunday:  .5 mile run, 5 x 32 floors at the Hilton, .5 mile run
Heres my workout on 12/25/2011 Christmas morning.

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