Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stair Climbing "Off Season"

Since the stair climbing year goes into an "off-season" during the summer in the U.S. I have to find something to do during the summer to keep me fit.  I am kind of in a rotation the past few years of alternating and focusing on biking and running.  This summer just so happens that Im motivated to bike.  Last summer I focused on running and had a great summer of racing but come fall my stair climbing legs I think werent quite where I wanted them to be going into the Willis Tower race.  So this summer I am going to focus on cycling, all summer long while still maintaining 10-20 miles of running a week.  Cycling legs = stair climbing legs no doubt about it.   So if you were wondering how I am going to train this summer, miles and mile and more miles and races on the bike.  As well as a little backwards running.  Possibly going for a couple world records in backwards running, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

From a couple summers ago.  2nd place in Peoria Crit
Sprint for first, unfortunately I got 2nd
                                                                                   Tuesday night sprint ride

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