Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 Quad Cities Marathon

2012 Quad Cities Marathon (September 23rd)

20th Place Male
28th Place Overall
8th Place in Age Group

Sunny, calm, 42 degrees at race time, got up into the mid to upper 50's by race end.

My first ever marathon didnt quite go as to plan but overall I cant be upset because I used it as a learning experience.  I knew what I wanted to do and did what I thought I was capable of doing but in the end the second race of the marathon came and bit me is the you know what.  I knew the last 4-6 miles were going to hurt and people told me about it and I could picture it but until I experienced it myself I couldn't believe it or feel what it truly felt like.  Mentally I wanted to finish and push it in and stay on the great pace I set prior but physically for mile 23-26 I couldnt move my legs any faster than a trot.  So hard to deal with, I have never walked in a race in my entire 15 years of running, but I did a little bit for mile 23 where I avgeraged a 12:17 mile.  All Icould do was look at my watch and watch my awesome pace be shot to hell in a matter of a 4 miles of the 26.2.  But thats the marathon for ya.  As I look back on my training yes there are things I would do differently, Im not going to go into detail but I now know I would do a few things differently.  Theres really no way you can prepare for that 4 miles of the marathon in your training than to just stick to a pace you know you can handle and save up for that last 4 miles whether you think you feel great early on or not.
The week of the marathon I think I ate great.  I probably could have used a little more sleep but due to my jobs I did what I could.  Pre race, and I knew this going in, I didnt sleep well the night before but I did two nights out.  I woke up what felt like every hour and when I did I took a drink of water. Woke up and ate at 4:15am, headed out to the race at 5, went for a 30 min walk down the Mississippi River, went to a nearby hotel and chilled in the lobby to stay warm, stretched took my 5 hour energy and continued to hydrate a little.  30minutes out from the race I jogged around the parking lot where I could still here the annoucments.  Got my warmups off and went to the start.  I was two rows back from the elite starters.  Cannon went off and I was underway.  1/2 mile in looked at my GPS and saw 6:09 pace, too fast but it was so hard not to. It felt so easy but I knew my pace was 6:30-45.  The first 8.5 miles the half marathoners and full racers were all together so it was hard to tell who was in what race.  I chatted it up with a few people just to pass the time.  At 8.5 miles the half marathoners turned off and I found myself in 15th place overall.  Went through the 13.1 in 1:24:51, perfect, I was happy with a 2:50.  Stayed at 6:30 pace for a few more miles then I got the bright idea to keep pushing. Dipped down to 6:20 miles and was feeling great.  This one guy and I were cruisin together. Mile 20 I saw my parents and gave them the thumbs up saying I feel great.  I knew all I had left was a 3 mile out and 3 miles back.  Started feeling it on mile 22 when I fell off a little bit and ran a 6:43 mile. I thought OK Im starting to feel it I just slow down a bit and keep it here.  Next mile really started to feel it with a 7:56 mile. Then I thought here it comes. I knew I was in trouble. Mile 24 was a killer and a new level of metal toughness I came into contact with.  Mile 24 was a brutal 12:17, where it was a mix of walking/trotting/and tying up.  Miles 25 and 26 I found somewhat of a second wind and rolled in to the finish.
Great weekend, great race, talked to and met a few new people during the run, had a great experience in my first marathon.  Very eye opening and I learned alot about myself and the marathon race in general.  Whats next...a little down time and then some stairs. Maybe Boston in a couple years, or Quad Cities next year, or possibly Indy next October, but for now Im going to enjoy some downtime.

10k 40:09(6:28 pace), 1/2 1:24:51(6:29 pace), 20mile 2:08:35(6:26 pace), Last 10k 52:53(8:30 pace)

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