Wednesday, August 28, 2013

12 Hour Stair Climb Training

Week #1 

Workout: 1 Hour Stair Climb 
Goal: To stay at a nice comfortable pace I think I can manage for 12 hour, for 1 hour. 
Location: Springfield Hilton (32 floors)

There may be a few ways to approach training for this 12 hour climb. I am taking a similar approach of training for a marathon. Granted a marathon for myself is just under 3 hours and I understand this is a 12 hour attempt. Just like during marathon training the longest run most people do is 20-22 miles 3 weeks out from the race. I am slowly going to increase my long run or in this case "long climb" and have my longest climb be 8 hours or so 3 weeks out. I need to see how my body is going to react at this distance and time. I know my body is going to hit a wall at some point I just dont know when. During my long training climb I will be using the same fuel I will be using during the world record attempt. I will have to figure out my many calories I am burning every hour and replenish my fuel tank properly so I dont bonk or minimize the bonk so I can keep going because I cant afford to slow down at all too much over the course of the 12 hours.

*Elevator ride down was my only rest, usually took 1:20-1:40 minutes. During the event the elevator ride will only take 30-40 secs so I will be able to sneak in even more reps at this pace.

Splits:  4:19, 4:14, 4:15, 4:11, 4:11, 4:10, 4:10, 4:07, 4:07, 4:07 

10 reps in 1 hour
I felt under control, never felt tired, I stayed very consistent and loosened up as I went.

2 Hour Training Climb I did back in May 2013
Hour 1       Hour 2
4:03           3:59       
3:59           3:55
3:56           3:54
3:53           3:50
3:53           3:45
3:57           3:44
3:54           3:42
3:53           3:45
3:54           3:47
3:52           3:36
3:41           2:43
11 x's        11 x's

22 Times in 2 hours a nice comfortable pace. I have to average 9 times every hour for 12 hour in order to stay on pace for the world record.

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