Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Change of Pace - Ozark Trail 100 MTB

Change of Pace

So the plan for the fall of 2016 was and still is for the most part to put together a solid XC season to set me up nicely for a final attempt at some fast times on the track come indoor/outdoor season. Well after a couple stagnant 8k XC races I am in much need for a change of pace.

I can't remember how or where or when I heard about the Ozark Trail 100 but once I did it gave me a bit of mtb fever. Plus ever since I got rid of my TT bike Ive wanted a mountain bike. Last week I was able to pick up a 2017 Trek Stache 5 to fuel this flame and once I went on that first ride I signed up for the 50 mile option. What am I doing? I haven't been on a bike all summer. Doesn't matter. Part of me wanted to sign up for the 100 which I know I could do as well but I figured I should play it somewhat smart so Im not sore afterwards. That way I can continue to train for XC 8ks through the end of October. Plus signing up for the 50 I am able to scout out the course for next years attempt on the 100 mile course.  Im excited to mix in this race. It will keep things interesting for me and present a new challenge for me. Ive never done an endurance mtb race before but my endurance work I think will be enough to get me through with good results.

My weapon of choice, after much research, is the 2017 Trek Stache 5 29+ 18.5" Hardtail. This thing is like a supercharged monster truck. Super quick for bike that has 3" wide tires. It is also a lot of fun to ride and it brought a smile to my face the entire first ride. We'll see how she handles come this Saturday.

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