Monday, January 2, 2012

Dealing with sickness while training

How to deal with being sick while trying to maintain a high level of training for an upcoming race.

It is now week 4 in my serious mode of training for the upcoming season and more importantly the Empire State Building Run Up on Feb. 8th.  I have come down with a sinus infection and I am finding it hard to maintain a high level of training while my body is aching, my appetite is down, and my sleep is off.  But heres what Ive been doing in order to maintain fitness without losin ground on my training.

A few things I have been doing is...
1.  Get sleep-This is when your body fights off infections and has time to recover and recharge.
2.  Push the fluids-I went out and bought a pack of VitaCoCo All Natural Coconut water, and I have been downing those.  High in all natural Vitamin C. 
3.  I have been working out but in moderation.  If you push your body too hard while your bodily systems are down and focusing on fighting the infection, over straining your body through a workout will only make things worse.  On the other hand working out can help you recover from sickness through the release of endorphins which in turn helps fight infections. 
4.  While there are many other little thing one can do to help get through a sinus infection while training, I am not going to get into great detail on these.  Lastly, just be patient.  If you have been training and you are fit a sinus infection will not set you back that far.  Your body will be able to maintain a high level of fitness where you left off from.  Unless you go several weeks on end without doing anything you will not lose fitness.  Once you are over your infection, ease back into it and get back to training seriously.

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  1. Sleep, fluids, and continuing to workout is also my gameplan for when I'm sick. I notice that I recover quicker if I work out while sick. Recover from the cold - that is. If I can walk - great - I walk. If I can swim - even better, this clears up a cold so fast. If I can climb stairs - I climb the mountain slowly. If I'm too sick to do any of those - I just lay around and sleep. It feels horrible and you know your training is suffering, but, I think most of us (you included) train TOO HARD and your body needs the rest to fully recover.

    I did the video of the entire climb up the mountain yesterday, uploading to Youtube now. Will send you link when it's ready.