Friday, January 27, 2012

Last 2 weeks of training

Monday Jan. 9th
3 miles  21:00 (7min. pace)

2 mile warm up
leg press tabata
light lifting
1 mile cool down
Tuesday Jan. 10th
4 miles
1.5 mile warm up 10:00
2 x 10 50m steep hill (7:05, 6:37) .5 jog between sets
1.5 mile cool down 8:40

3 x (100 jump rope, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 up downs, 20 mountain climbers) no rest in between 

Slowly getting back to 100% from being sick for a while, Im getting better sleep and eating better.
Wednesday Jan. 11th
Indoor Trainer
Bike-30 miles (Interval Sprints)
Thursday Jan. 12th
5.75 mile Tempo Run

Had to hit up the treadmill tonight, crazy snowy weather out there today.

2mile tempo (5:50)
.5 mile 15% grade hill
2.25 mile tempo (5:30)
.5 jog b/w sets x 2
Lifting circuit afterwards.

Friday Jan. 13th
Indoor Trainer
Bike- 15 miles (Cadence work)

Saturday Jan. 14th
3 x 32 floors at the Hilton Tower, 5 floor sprints (5min. rest b/w)
3 mile run

Sunday Jan. 15th

Monday Jan. 16th
3 mile run
4 x 32 floor @ the Hilton stairs
leg press tabata
light upper body lifting

Tuesday Jan. 17th
5 mile easy pace run (7:10 pace)

Wednesday Jan. 18th
Thursday Jan. 19th
Friday Jan 20th
Pre Race Drills
2 mile run
box jumps

Saturday Jan. 21st
2012 Bop to the Top Stair race
One America Tower Indianapolis IN
37 floors
1st Place
1st Place (Triple Step Climb)
13:37 (4:51, 4:24, 4:22)
2 mile cool down run

* I will admit now that I am posting this and thinking about it.  I should have been incorporating more bike into these past couple weeks.  I am not one for excuses but work has taken up a big chunk of my time here lately.  Thats just a part of life I guess.  Cant wait till the summer when the days are long and I have more time to get a solid bike ride in.  Im also really torn on what I want to focus on this summer, running (which tends to hinder stair climb results come fall time) or biking (which is two fold; it takes up much more time but it produces much greater results when it comes to stair climbs come fall.)  I have a great passion for running still, I am still competitive in my road races in the 5k and 10k and even half marathon but I also have lofty goals this year for Willis Tower.  We shall see.

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  1. Wow, thanks for this - will look closely at it over today. I will get my bike sent down from up north - seems worth it. You do a lot of bike work typically then - interesting. When I lived in Pennsylvania where I grew up, I'd find the nastiest hills and do them up and down time after time. I really love hills! Steps were a natural progression I guess.

    I'll do the video you requested next time I do the stairs - looks like tomorrow. There will be many people there because it's week of Chinese new year, but you'll get the idea... The steps are SO varied, it's impossible to keep any sort of rhythm going!

    Best of luck this weekend! Cheers, Vern (