Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013 Springfield Marathon

2013 Springfield Marathon 

1/2 Marathon

October 20th, 2013
Location: University of Illinois-Springfield

10k Results
Justin Stewart
Place: 1st Overall/324
Time:  34:37 (5:32 pace)
Speed: 10.8 mph

10k Race Recap
I decided to run in this race last week.  My base mileage has been going really well and with only 3 consistent weeks of running I feel stronger than ever.  Over the years there have been plenty of times where I havent ran in a while and then I start my base training which usually consists of a couple months of increased mileage and easy runs with a few fatlek and dynamic runs as well as tempos mixed in there.  So far my weekly mileage started at 15, 20, 20, 30. I will keep increasing the mileage up to about 60 miles a week then start to incorporate some speed work getting ready for some indoor and outdoor track races this winter and spring. In the past my base building mileage usually consisted of 6:45-7:00 minutes pace miles. This year with my stair climbing training included in my base building I am hitting 6:10-6:30 paced runs easily and feel stronger than ever. I believe this strength showed in todays 10k I decided to hop in on a whim. I went out with the mindset of working into the race. Start as a tempo for the first couple miles then work into it. I honestly was expecting 5:45 pace but ended up hitting 5:32 pace which I was thrilled about. I led the race from start to finish and was out by myself the entire race. It wasnt until mile 2 when I started coming up on the tail end of the marathoners which helped in me keeping my pace honest and uptempo. The mile markers werent consistent and I only saw mile marker 2 and 3. I went threw the 2mile marker in 11:26 and the 3 mile mark in 16:54.

Overall, it was good race to get into last minute. Its always nice to win a race especially the inaugural event, so I guess you could say I have a course record as well. After the race I also was interviewed by 3 time Olympian and record holder Craig Virgin which was pretty cool as well. Overall great event and hopefully this event only grows bigger and more competitive over the next years to come. Congrats to all who participated and thanks go out to the fans, family and friends who came out to support.

With Craig Virgin after the race
Finishing stretch

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  1. Great win! All those hours in the stairwells paid off. See you in a couple weeks at the Willis.