Sunday, July 7, 2013

2013 Decatur Lakeside Triathlon

2013 Decatur Lakeside Sprint Triathlon
Decatur, IL
(400yd swim, 19 mile bike, 3.3 mile bike)
1st Place Overall   1:17:47

Race morning...I felt much better prepared for this race than I did on my first Tri in 4 years a couple weeks ago in Petersberg, IL. My running still hasnt been where I wanted it to be but my bike has been solid and Ive felt myself make huge gains with my swim the past few weeks.

Swim start went pretty well. I had no problems but I do need to work on kicking from my hips instead of my knees. Got out of the water in 8th place and headed to T1. Had a great T1 but it wasnt until I got to the mounting line. Got on top of my bike and placed my feet on top of my shoes, started to slide them in and one cleat hit the ground and made my bike jar forward, both cleats fell off and went into the rode, had to set my bike down on the pavement and get my cleats. Got them on, tried clipping in and the chain fell off. You have got to be kidding me. 45 seconds wasted. I just focused on staying clam and working into the bike. First 3 mile on the bike were rolling hills so it was hard to get straight into a rhythm. Finally got out on I-105 which felt decent. It was hard to say where I was place wise because the long course racers were out there as well. I guesstimated I was in 3rd or so, which I figured later I was correct. I knew at least one guy was ahead of me and I was slowly closing on him towards the end. After the race I saw my average on the bike and wasnt too happy, I really need a TT bike but dont think I race enough Tri's to spend that kind of $$$. Headed into T2 and had the fastest T1 and T2 which is a good sign because for the amount of Tri's Ive done it usually takes some time to get used to the transitions.

Transition 2, heading out on the run

Headed out on the run and felt tight and had tight sides which I was hoping wouldnt turn into cramps, which thankfully they didnt. Yet I had another problem, my knee was tightening up around the turn around. I closed on the guy I knew for a fact was in my sprint race but as for other I had no idea if they were in the sprint or long course. I just continued to run a decent tempo staying relaxed. Finished and played the waiting game to see if when my name cam up on the board.

I was really happy to finish in the first position again in just my second tri in 4 years. 2 for 2 in tri's this summer, pretty good feeling, for the fact I dont consider myself a triathlete. It just so happens my general training transfers over well for the triathlon. Im skeptical to focus on triathlon for the fear of investing too much $$$ and time in a sport where achieving elite/pro level takes just that, ALOT of time and $$$. I have no doubt I could be competitive in this sport if I really wanted to, thats just how I function. If I set my mind on something Ill do it. But for now Im just having fun with it and we'll see where it goes.

1st Place Overall

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