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2013 Sizzling Mile

2013 Sizzling Mile
Springfield, IL (SHG Track)
1st Place Overal

This has by far become one of my favorite races every year. A fast mile in the middle of the summer in the "sizzling" heat....Not this year though. Temperatures were in the mid 80's which has been unheard of at this event for years. I was skeptical to do this race in the first place just for the fact that my running hasn't been where I wanted it to be because I've been coming off of patellar/meniscus problems all spring. Coming into this race I was on week 6 of consistent training since my injury back in February. I also had only been putting in 10 miles a week of easy running, 150 miles biking per week, and swimming here and there. I have been on a triathlon kick this summer and was planning on racing the Springfield Sprint Triathlon just 3 days after the Sizzling Mile Wednesday night. I didn't really want to go into the triathlon with sore legs but thought what the heck I cant pass up the sizzling mile.

With all that said, I had a simple game plan for this year. Sit and kick. I figured I wouldnt be able to handle much more with the training that Ive been doing. Last year when I ran a 4:24 I was fit enough to go out hard and maintain by myself, this year not so much. So I sat and kicked. Heat 9 went off with a "Go" literally and I settled into 3rd behind Plunkett and Hoffman. I ran very comfortably to a 70 sec. first lap. Once Plunkett saw that split he took off into the lead and I followed. I sat off his outside shoulder for the lap and we went thrrough in 2:18 (68). I remained off his shoulder for the third lap just trying to stay relaxed. As we approached the bell lap I was indecisive on when I wanted to go and start my kick 400m, 300m, 200m.... I wanted to make it a huge move so I decided to go with 300m to go heading down the backstretch. 300m came and I went as if I was doing 300m repeats and I was on my last one. Went around the final curve took a peak back and strided it out down the homestretch. Eventual 2nd place finisher Joe Zeibert closed well too and finished 4 seconds behind with Plunkett and Hoffman right behind him.

Not the fastest year but it was still a great race and honestly I kind of lost track of splits the last two laps and wasnt sure where I was time wise. So when I able to see the clock coming down the homestretch I was surprised to see 4:28 and eventually crossing the line 6 seconds later with a 4:32. Next year we'll see where Im at in my training and maybe try to go for that record again. Also, congrats to everyone who participated and had PR's and ran that mile in the middle of their summer running.

Here are some pictures and video footage of the race.




2013 Male and Female Winner

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